Tuya switch configuration


I am planing to use these switches ( 1/2/3/4 gang Tuya Zigbee EU Smart Touch Switch Home Automation APP Remote Control Wall Button Work with Alexa Google Home|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress ) or something like this on my house.

How to configure/connect this to use it as a 2 way switch (2 switches control the same bulb)? Is it supposed to be done by software or by wiring?

Ako imaš dva ili više prekidaca koji kontroliraju jedno svjetlo to ti je spojeno kao izmjenični prekidač. Da bi ti to radilo sa smart prekidačima vjerojatno ćeš morati pozvati električara da prespoji žice. Funkcionira tako da imaš jedan prekidač koji je Master, dakle fizički kontrolira svjetlo, a ostali su slave prekidaci.
Master prekidač je spojen na L, L1, N a slave su spojeni ako se dobro sjećam L i N.
Oni se mogu povezati u ha tako da funkcioniraju kao jedan prekidač. Ja koristim automatizaciju ako upalis prekidač 1 onda upali prekidač 2, 3 itd. Isto za gašenje.

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Ok but i wrote on this subject a few times already. In English.

Ok, so, only one switch is connected directly to the bulb, the other one needs just L and N

Yes. Master switch is physically controling the light. Slave switches doesn’t physically control anything. They just need power to be on. That’s why they need L and N wire connected to them.
Slave switches are basically dumb switches that need and automation to toggle lights on off