Tuya switch values off by 10

Hi everyone,
I have just added two tuya switches with energy consumption through the official integration.
Unfortunately the values received by the switches are off by a factor of 10 :slight_smile:
I definitely don’t have a 2329 V plug at home, and my laptop charger is not consuming 134W :grimacing:

Does anyone know if this is normal and if I should correct it somehow?
Is there a way to modify the output of a sensor without re-adding everything through templates via yaml?

Same thing here. Hoping someone would give some insight to this.

Not enough experience… but ‘templating’ might be used here…somehow?

Something like this, but where to put that?
{{ states('sensor.outdoor_smart_plug_voltage') | float * 0.1 }}

Idea is to replace the wrong voltage value from ‘everywhere’.