Tuya switches problem


I have a problem with two switches of Tuya (I used Smart Life to configure).

I’ve installed the Tuya integration and I can switch them on and off through Lovelace switches. The problem is that when I manually change their state pushing the phisical button in the switch, Home Assistant does not change the state of none of them. In Smart Life app it works both manually and with the app.

That behaviour wouldn’t be important, but I’m trying to make an automatization in which the trigger is the manual activation of the switch.

I’ve tried to reinstall the Tuya integration but the problem is still there. :roll_eyes:

I have just activated Tuya and have a similar issue, I can control switch on/off but HA doesn’t receive manually switched status for two minutes, must be the default 120 second polling value that I can’t change in the Tuya Integration configuration.