Tuya T8e 4” Linux Touch screen

So guess who finally bit the bullet to get an Android T6e clone and do all the stakeholder management with the Wife to agree to swap out a switch for the new toy?

Guess who also waited 10 days for not what he expected to arrive??!! :laughing:

Best I can tell I’ve received : this

No OTG / Micro USB port and no serial interface; and not running Android from what I can tell.

Please see attached photos and any suggestions on being able to get HA running would be very much appreciated before it gets
put in a drawer and never seen again!

Hi alxscott,
i am new in this community, i have T8E 4 also.
I think that this device has a potential but i think be not simple to exploit it

I managed to access via Wireless ADB ( enabled by default) but there is no Package Manager available so was unable to install any additional APK’s.

I bit the bullet and bought a NSPanel Pro as the sale is on. Within 60min I was up and running with Home Assistant Companion App.