Tuya temperature sensors time intervals

Hi all,
I have purchased 6 of these temp/humidity sensors:
I used 4 of them and they work great. One of them failed and I replaced it with another one from the same shipment. For some reason the data from the replaced one is very jittery - both humidity and temperature. I was suspecting the sampling interval, but have no idea if that’s the culprit and I was wondering if somebody has an idea to troubleshoot. What I am going for is to get data that looks like the other three - so I don’t flood my logs.

Because, Tuya.
No one actually knows why…
Tuya sells mfgr’s a chipset, the mfgr does what they want with it and as a result, much of the stuff labeled Tuya provides random results. Some models are good, some are bad, but one thing is for sure, Excirtement is guaranteed.
4 1/2 out of 6 is not bad, actually. Count your blessings.