TUYA Thermostat shown as Sensor "only"

Hi Team :slight_smile: hope you are all fine :slight_smile:
I am struggling with HACS \ TUYA v2 hopefully somebody can help me :slight_smile:

Device HY312WE-WIFI Tuya wifi heating thermostat with 14 languages and voice control-厦门海森源自控技术有限公司 so HY312WE
https://iot.tuya.com/cloud/ my devices shown as HY08WE (thermostat)
in Tuya App all Devices shown correctly and i can “power on, power off, see temperature, change it, …”

in HomeAssistant 9.7 my Thermostats will be shown only as Entity “Sensor” so they only show the Temperature but not as Thermostate so i cannot really use it :frowning:

Can somebody help me, ideally by Teamviewer or similar?

Thx Greetings Berni