TuYa TS011F_plug_1 - Value drop to zero each 5 minutes


I have two kind of Plug which are different design but same FW reported in Z2M.

Model 1 :
TSF011F on zigbee2mqtt
TSF011F blakadder and wrong picture
Manufacturer : TZ3000_gvn91tmx (20A Aubess) and TZ3000_typdpbpg (16A)
I buy 4 of them (16A and 20A)and I have the same issue on all.
Order 1
Order 2
Order 3


Model 2 : NAS-WR01B
Manufacturer : TZ3000_gjnozsaz
Order 4


For the Model 1, measure reported by HA drop to 0 each 5 minutes.
In fact, there is no cut of power. I use it for my desk to report energy, and it is working correctly except the reporting to 0 which is not a big issue.
But if I have to make a choice , I’ll buy model 2 in the future

The two plug are connected to the same load.
Example of the issue on model 1 :

The issue with plug on my desk is more visible :

But, with the model 2 : no problem

FW reported in Z2M are the same.
I know that there is a FW update, but i don’t think it is the solution.

The same issue reported without solution :

LOG Z2M report some time power = 0

If someone can check the same for plug Model 1 and report if it is also the same issue or not.

Hello, I have these models as well and they have the same issue you report unfortunately.

From what you call Model 1, I just got some 16A and 20A plugs from Aubess which all appear as “TS011F_plug_1” in z2m. Even after I updated them to the latest firmware (version 192) the problem remains with power and current reporting as “0” every 5 minutes approximately. I also saw voltage incorrectly reported as zero sometimes, even though much less frequently than power or current.

I also have some of the plugs with the colored ring and button which you are calling Model 2. In my case all of these also appear as “TS011F_plug_1” in z2m. I can confirm that software wise these seem better since I have not seen any incorrect or unexpected zero values reported. Unfortunately my only problem with these “Model 2” plugs is that the ones I have all produce a very high pitch electrical whine noise whenever they are plugged in, which in a quiet room I can hear even from 8 meters away. I do not notice any such issue with the “Model 1” plugs.


I have exactly same issue with TS011F_plug_1. I have 6 “model 1” 4 _TZ3000_gvn91tmx & 2 _TZ3000_cehuw1lw. All with firmware 192. Power values drop each 4’30 - 5 minutes approximately.

In Z2M’s logs when the value drop, I receive 2 messages : 1 with good power value, and another with 0 power. 5 secondes later +/- I receive 2 more but inverted, 1 with 0 power and after 1 more with good power.

I made a blueprint to remove this “zero noised values” from a sensor.
You only need 4 things :

  • 1 switch entity to check if device is ‘on’, for saving real 0 data when is off.

  • 1 power sensor (with noised values)

  • 1 input text (created with UI, to save new sensor value)

  • You need to create a template sensor from the input text, ex:

  - name: Sensor Name
    unique_id : set_unique_id_to_save_history
    state: "{{ states('input_text.input_text_id') }}"
    unit_of_measurement: W
    device_class: power

You can also modify the delay between another check of sensor value.

Here is old sensor history :arrow_down:

Here is the new sensor history :arrow_up:

You can find the blueprint here : TS011FPreventZeroValues.yaml

It doesn’t resolve the problem, but graphs are prettier.

I have four of these AUBESS they just suck and are not worth the money. Shutting off randomly and not usable in a simple on/off automation. Waste of money, best used as door stoppers. Have updated through Z2M, no change.

If know of AUBESS devices that don’t utilize Z-Technology but WIFI instead and are supported by ESPHome.

For your Z-Deivces this is probably true because they (other than esphome compatible wifi devices) lack full ownership (no control whatsoever about the *ware running on your door stop plug). Because of that you don’t have the right to repair rendering your devices essentially e-waste :do_not_litter:

Thanks for putting a workaround together. I have the same issue and this solution helps.

I followed your instructions but found one problem with the final sensor not wanting to update.

The problem was eventually solved by adding a int conversion in state property:

  - name: Sensor Name
    unique_id : set_unique_id_to_save_history
    state: "{{ states('input_text.input_text_id') | int }}"
    unit_of_measurement: W
    device_class: power
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Just to inform that with Zigbee2MQTT, a workarround has been implemented by Koenkk in version 1.35.0.

#20493 Fix invalid power 0 for TS011F_plug_1
#19680 Set power to 0 when current is 0 for TuYa TS011F_plug_1

Thank a lot for the great work!