Tuya V2 and Alexa - Turn on/off button not showing up

Hello everyone!

I just started on the home automation world, having lots of fun setting up and tweaking HA integrations and automations.

However, I’m running into a weird issue, I’ve integrated HA and Alexa following the steps of creating a dev Alexa skill and that seems to be working for the most part.

But the Tuya wi-fi light that I have, when added into Alexa from HA, doesn’t show the on/off button. It displays the brightness and color controls but not the power button.

I also have it added from SmartLife using a different name and it works just fine from there.

Has anyone seen something like this before?

For future reference:

The problem was on my Alexa integration setup, the locale I was using didn’t support the PowerController interface. Which is a bit odd that it would support other stuff but not something as basic.

Anyhow, changed the locale and everything looks fine now.