Tuya v2 - how is it supposed to work?

Title says it all - I don’t mean technically, I mean how is it all supposed to hang together?

Before the latest core updates, I had the previous tuya integration working fine. When I upgraded the core, I found that broke the old tuya setup, and I then configured the new v2 one instead. I thought that was working, but I have the same problem with status not being updated properly that many others have (yes I have the status notification api included), and it seems the “trial” iot core api on the project I created (following the instructions) on the tuya iot platform expires in a few days, and when I look at upgrading that beyond the trial version, it wants to charge me 5,000 euros.

So how is this new v2 integration supposed to work with regard to this “trial” api period? What happens when this trial period expires?

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Mine expired and has continued to work but it also makes me uncomfortable. We are at the mercy of Tuya deciding to act on the wording of the trial and shutting down accounts.

It’s quite a weird setup. They are giving us common Joes access to this super complex developer cloud. I mean it could be a revolutionary step to get everybody this level of access, maybe future kids will use it to learn and tinker with developer tools and become smarthome wizards, but it also alienates people.

Also it’s clearly not working atm, with updates delays of several hours, so they should get the basics right first.

By some accounts the long delays in updating device statuses are caused by the expiration of the free one-month trial.

I can confirm that as of a day or so, it is all working, the status update, whether the change is made through HA or elsewhere (EG: alexa) is absolutely instantaneous now. I have not done anything with the trial subscription, which had not expired when I first had this problem.