Tuya v2 missing from integrations

So I’ve installed 1.5 via HACS, restarted HA but Tuya v2 isn’t listed in the integrations part. Only Tuya which I have/had already set up.

I even removed Tuya V2 from HACS, restarted HA, installed 1.4.2, restarted, HACS told me there was an update but still can’t find it in the integrations list.

Can anyone help please?

Just confirming, you’re looking within the HACS Integration section, correct?

No. I’ve installed Tuya V2 through HACS but then the instructions then say to restart HA (which I’ve done) and then go to HA’s integrations and add it there. It’s there I can’t find it. As that’s the part where I should be able to add the access id and secret etc.

Very odd. It’s turned up over an hour later in the integrations list in HA. Weird

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I’m having the same issue - no Tuya v2. I’ll go get a shower, some lunch, a coffee, and hope that it then appears.