Tuya vs TP-Link

I should start off by saying I just started using HA, and am still very new to all of it. I purchased some Tuya (Treatlife) 2-Way switches, and some TP-Link 3-way switches. Unfortunately the Tuya switches seem to be patched and I can’t get them to flash Tuya Convert OTA. I don’t want my activities spied upon by some company so I put the Tuya switches on a separate network running through a VPN, set up the Tuya integration in HA, and it works well. However, I then installed the TP-Link switches and found that they can work local only, so I blocked outgoing connections from them in my firewall and they work great as well. I don’t have a ton of switches so I’m thinking of replacing the Tuya switches with TP-Link to simply my setup.

Obviously the Tuya switches cost less which is nice, but there’s something to be said for simplicity, and I try not to use cloud services when possible. I was wondering, cost aside, if the community has a preference on TP-Link vs Tuya.

Personally I try to avoid wifi devices and prefer zigbee/zwave.
I don’t see the amazing qualities of wifi other than it is slightly cheaper