Tuya wifi ceiling fan controller

I bought a ceiling fan controller from Amazon and haven’t figured out how to control it. It is a Tuya based controller and works great with SmartHome but Home Assistant doesn’t find it. I have 3 Tuya smart switches that HA recognizes just fine. So I have looked through the HA community, the Tuya integration, Reddit, etc. for anyone who has this

Did you try tuya v2 ?


I haven’t but the last time I used the Tuya’s developer’s tools it got me nowhere and even more confused than I was at the begining. Can I expect assistance from the community if I run into issues? Has anyone else done this with success? I’m all for giving credit where credit is due to I would be happy to ride on the coattails of the successful if it gets one more thing working within home asistant. I have so very few but nessasary items to check off my list before I am ready to create the frontend experience I am striving for. This is to ultimatly give full and total contorl of every aspect of my mother-in-law’s home as she is an invalid and has a hard time getting around. I’m hoping that this may give some inspration to others who have the skills to build a smart home for those who have an inability to help themselves. I am an IT profesional but I’m not developer nor programmer but I can certainly follow step by step instructions and do troubleshooting on the way. But some of this is just way over my head. Not the right place to vent but I’m feeling a bit under the weather and have a sick household to boot that I am very concerned about. I hope you understand.