Tuya Wifi Covers now operating backwards?

Hi All,

I’m not sure what happened, but recently my three Zemismart Wifi roller shades have started working strangely in HA.

The “open” service lowers the shades, and rhe “close” service raises them. In the Tuya app, they all work as normal. Changing the Motor Direction in the Tuya app has no effect.

The position and “set position” service still seems to operate normally (though I could be mistaken). As a result, I’ve had to switch from using open/close services to using set posiiton, which is a drag.

I’m on 2021.12

Anyone seeing anything similar?

Did you get an answer for this anywhere at all? I’ve discovered a similar problem with my Tuya Zigbee cover/shade motor. The states on it are reversed. This makes setting specific heights a little difficult. For example, if I want the shade at 75% open, have to set it at 25% in Home Assistant. Quite frustrating.

No, I haven’t heard or seen anything. If you post the issue on GitHub, please drop a link here so we can cross reference.

Hi, any news about this issue?, I have the same problem when updating to 2022.5.4

If you have the time (!), there’s a whole thread devoted to discussing the philosophy of whether 100% means open or closed as far as a cover is concerned.

But the thread does also contain a workaround solution from community member Petro which involves setting up a template cover, and hiding the original entity (per dbrunt).

Quite a few of us seem to use a template cover as a way to get around this issue of having the buttons the wrong way round in the HA frontend - with a template cover, you can flip the open/close operations if you need to (which is not done in Petro’s example linked above).

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