Tuya WL-TH02 Suddenly Working with ZHA + HA Yellow

No support request here, just a shoutout to the Zigbee Home Automation devs. I bought six Tuya WL-TH02 Temp + Humidity sensors a few years ago and have been using them with a Samsung Smartthings base ever since. I’ve been trying to replace that with my new Home Assistant Yellow, but these sensors simply have not worked (despite them being listed in the compatibility repository). Well, I don’t know what changed, but shortly after this week’s round of OS and software updates, the “Add Zigbee Device” flow for these sensors magically has started working! Flawlessly! I’m very happy.

If you’re on the hunt for a simple Temp + Humidity sensor that’s powered by two AAA batteries (I use rechargeable), I’d highly recommend these now. Thanks Home Assistant and ZHA devs!