Tuya XR3 Humidity Sensors - hack to get into Home Assistant

Hi - I just wanted to let you know there is a way after all to get these things into HA; although I would suggest you stay as far away from these things as possible. As it happens, I purchased these way back before I knew anything about HA ; If I had junked them right away I would have saved many many hours trying to figure out a way; reading umteen threads, trying every known tuya fork…

So here it is; I came across the Homebridge integration and it is great because it can expose my Nest protects (again, purchased well ahead of any knowledge of HA…); anyway, I see the Tuya integration; so I try that one out; see what I can get.

Well more of the same, however; if you look at the Get devices API you can see the sensors and the data exposed (humidy/temp/battery);

So i started digging around and there is a very very lite introduction to creating your own driver.
tuyagitlink how to create a driver

anyway, I am not a developer or anywhere near any competency, but after quite a few kicks at the can, I have been able to get these bloody sensors updating as much as I can.

there are two filese you need to update/create in the Homebridge Tuya package. They are
index.js and [humidtysensor}.js;

The index.js is pretty straightforward; the humidity.js was the problematic one. I have hacked a version up using snippets of the other sensors .js files as a guide and using the homebridge api docs. my file is a dogs breakfast, so if there are any compentent coders I am sure you’ll whip it up pretty quick.

I have no idea if this helps anyone but after I have been helped by so many other posts, I thought I would share.

oh - and my homebrdige docker went offline so that is why Ihave the flat line sensors, but they had been updating. :crossed_fingers: