Tuya Zigbee 3.0 switches (zemismart)

I have the next issue. My configuration consists of a Tuya Zigbee hub (rebrand Zemismart).

The hub and the switches are all connected in Smart Life app and that works well.
Within HA I use the standard configuration for Tuya.

username: secret tuya_username
password: secret tuya_password
country_code: 31
platform: smart_life

Now it is the case that the Zigbee 3.0 switch is not automatically integrated in HA. My question is if these switches are not supported in HA and how I can get the switches in HA.

Many thanks.

Does this work directly with ConBee or ZHA, or even ZigBee2MQTT?

No, it doesn’t work directly with ConBee , ZHA or ZigBee2MQTT. Tuya created his own Zigbee hub (cloud based). But I figured out the Zigbee 3.0 switches doen’t use the Tuya protocal and maybe not supported within HA. But I created a workaround by creating for each action on/off a scene (import automaticly in HA) in the Smart Life app and automations in HA. The action I can switch between with a input boolean.

In input_booleans.yaml:

name: “”
icon: mdi:spotlight-beam

In automations.yaml:

  • alias: “Switch on”

    • platform: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.switch
      to: ‘on’
      service: scene.turn_on
      entity_id: scene.
  • alias: “Switch off”

    • platform: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.switch
      to: ‘off’
      service: scene.turn_on
      entity_id: scene.

I was wondering if there was any more development with the Tuya Api.

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If you factory reset the switch and try to pair it directly with Home Assistant, via ZHA, deCONZ or ZigBee2MQTT with a USB or Pi HAT ZigBee Co-ordinator correctly setup, does this work?
What does it show in the ZHA / deCONZ / Zigbee2MQTT logs?
If it doesnt show up as a switch, there should at least be events listed when it pairs to ZHA, deCONZ or ZigBee2MQTT.

If it does show events, it might just need a handler to be written. If the device is ZigBee 3.0, it should pair to any ZigBee 3.0 co-ordinator.

I am in the same boat, in a sense that I also have a Zigbee hub (a Blitzwolf one), with PIRs and Temperature/Humidity sensor attached, and I also noticed that ‘scenes’ gets imported by the Tuya integration within HA.
Could you please be more specific on how you defined the ‘scenes’ to trigger events on Tuya cloud so that they are detected byHA.
In the Smart Life app I can define an automation, which means a trigger+an action: what/how do you define all that?

Thanks in advance

THe Blitzwolf temp/humidity sensor and PIR work with zigbee2mqtt. The hub does not.

What I did was I created in the Smart Life separate scenes. For each switch 2 scenes with on and off function. Does scenes can switch with a input boolean which I already discibed. But I am busy now to put it to Zigbee2MQTT. But still waiting on mine CC2531 usb-stick. The Zemismart switches are now on the compatibility list of Zigbee2MQTT.

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I ended up buying a pre-flashed CC2531 (from Sonoff) and use the zigbee2mqtt/Mosquito integration.
Results are good but not perfect:

  • the range of detection of the Zigbee devices is very limited (it can’t go across floors while the Blitzwolf hub had no probem)
  • temp and Humidity sensors tend to freeze unexpectedly (ie signals keep evolving on the device but they are frozen on HA, without any indication of the failure)
  • Blitzwolf PIR sensitivity is too high, ie they keep detecting movements even if nobody’s home: I noticed that if I only install one PIR there is little or no false detection, while if I connect many, they keep doing phantom detections (as if interfering with each other someway, which make little sense for a PIR)

Hi guys, I have the same problem.

I have two Zemismart zigbee switches wired up and working, but my CC2531 zigbee2mqtt integration is not picking them up. I’ve tried putting them into pairing mode, but nothing. I only have 8 devices on the CC2531 and the switch is in the same room. Any ideas? I don’t want to put it through Tuya because I’m aware that zigbee won’t integrate with HA.

What can I do?

Which kind of Zemismart Zigbee switches do you have? The wireless one or wired one?
The wired one will act as a router and will extend your Zigbee network.

Iam actually going through the same thing. I have got all my switches sockets, tuya powered zigbee devices… Now I wanted to get it integrated with HA. Therefore I have a zigbee smart wired gateway. And also I have ordered for conbee 2. But what iam worried is will the range be good enough for a 2 floor villa?? Since I need it all local in HA i will try through dDeconz via conbee 2 but will the Tuya wired zigbee gateway get integrated and act as an extender for the zigbee devices??