Tuya zigbee door/window sensor

I have purchased some Tuya zigbee sensors. There is no mention of “Tuya” anywhere but a model number ZM-CG206 is on the generic white box.
I have a Sonoff zigbee brdge that is connected to Home Assistant via ZHA.
When I try to add the device to the zigbee bridge, it is only partially recognized. It shows up as unk_manufacturer and unk_model and although I can set the device up to display in Loveace, the status doesn’t change when the device is triggered.
Any thoughts of what to do?
Is this device considered to be working with the Sonoff zigbee bridge ?
Edit: this is a window/door sensor

Replying to myself here … I took another sensor and attempted to pair it. It did behave exactly like the first unit but after a few pairing attempts I got the second pairing screen and a few more attempts got me to the final screen where you enter the area for the sensor.
The device (second one) now works.
Tried device one again … no go
On to last device … after more then ten attempts at pairing, I finally got it to pair. It still shows as unknown but it transmits it’s status.
I now noticed that device number two and three show as on/off in Lovelace. Device number one however shows as open / closed … and it now works (!) despite showing an unknown device and an unknown manufacturer.

it would be nice to have at least a little bit of consistency :frowning:

When it comes to zigbee stuff, sometimes you need a little patience. I have had experience with zigbee where something partially works, I’ll leave it alone for a bit (maybe sometimes an hour or two) and see more “stuff” when I sit down again.

Since all three devices are (mostly) working now, I guess I have to agree with you. I do wonder about reliability though …

Welcome to the world of wireless sensors. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried just about all protocols and brands and have concluded that all of them have issues/annoyances and the only truly reliable connection is hard-wired.
I’m not fond of re-sheetrocking walls so I’ve learned to live with it.

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