Tuya zigbee gas detectors?

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Seem a bit pricey…
But would be nice to have something that would detect Gas/Voc leaks, CO2 etc. and then at a future state integrate it with a zigbee or wifi valve to turn off the gas.

Very pricey. There are other options.

First thing i would say is it is a bit steep at that price, i got mine for less than £15 but it did take ages to arrive: Tuya Zigbee Smart Air Box Air Quality Monitor CO2 VOC Gas Detector Sensor Automation Alarm Household Temperatur Humidity Sensor|Gas Analyzers| - AliExpress

The thing itself works quite well through ZHA with a few niggles.

It’s bonkers chatty on the zigbee network as it seems to update the temperature incredibly frequently.

The other problem is that the sensitivity is quite low (or high, depending on your viewpoint :slight_smile: ) on one of the sensors* and my device readings seems to constantly be sat right at an air quality standard threshold*, so the extra sensors i have set up to say High, low, warning, that kind of thing are continually flipping.

This could of course be the fact that my house of full of toxic gas :nauseated_face:, but the trouble is that without a baseline measurement from another trusted sensor it’s hard to rule out it being cheap sensors in the device, but that’s an issue for all these kind of doodads.

*i cant remember right now, and im at hospital recovering from surgery - and before i get shamed for not having external access to HA :laughing:, i do have it - it’s just the flaky as heck hospital internet gateway isnt having any of that sort of nonsense across it. (Either that or my HA is dead, Jim).

Hope that helps, and once I’m back home I’ll dig out my configs and add a few screenshots to show the “chattiness” and temperature sensor updates.

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Great, yes that would be wonderful, thanks!