Tuya zigbee smart plug without Tuya cloud


I’ve bough pair of Zigbee Plugs based on Smart Life Tuya software, unfortunately seems they might not use ESP chip as using Tuya Convert cannot find the device.

Is there some way make use of them without register them on the Tuya app ?

zigbee = zigbee
esp = wifi
zigbee is a protocol .you need a gateway.

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Buy a cheap CC2652, and use Zigbee2mqtt or ZHA.

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sorry maybe I explained bad the issue. I’ve a Conbee II as Zigbee Hub for HASS.
my problem / issue is that I don’t want to use the Tuya companion application to register the devices, so reading I saw that to avoid use the Tuya companion app you need to flash the firmware, is that true? or can be them register directly to Hass using the Conbee?

If they are Zigbee devices, you can’t add them to the Tuya Companion app without a Tuya Zigbee hub. So, instead of pairing them with a Tuya Zigbee hub, pair them with your conbee II.

thanks for the hint by installing Deconz on docker I was able pair the device!

I am in the same situation, having some Tuya Zigbee devices that I want to attach to my HA setup (Conbee II as well, pairing other devices directly with HA using ZHA). Could you elaborate on what you have done ?

In my case I have all mounted in a Docker - basically I’ve configured a DeconZ and added the switches there, then link on HomeAssistant docker the DeconZ

@francisp I’ve tried this before with a Tuya Zigbee device and it would not pair. My understanding was that Zigbee doesn’t have the same Interoperability as Z-Wave unless it’s Zigbee Pro (which was an ‘opt in’ choice for manufacturersor) or the newer Zigbee 3.0. I could be wrong though and it would obviously be great if all Zigbee devices were compatible but I did not think they were. Did something change or is Zigbee becoming more compatible…?

Zigbee is really compatible, as long as you stay away from vendor-specific hubs. What Zigbee stack are you using ? Is your Tuya device on the supported devices list ?


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Almost all Zigbee devices available for retail purchase can be supported by the popular implementation.

All can be made to become supported, but some takes time/coding due to deviation from the standards.

Tip is to buy either ConBee II or CC2652 based USB dongle to use it with either ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT.

https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha (easy and nativly integrated in Home Asistant core)

https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/ (stand-alone so more flexible and got larger community for more support)

Zigbee 3.0 specifications are designed for interoperability but not all manufacturers always follow those specifications to the letter, however, Zigbee implementations have compatibility workarounds. Read:



PS: Much of Zigbee is handled by the Zigbee Coordinator firmware so make sure to update it regularly.