Tuya Zigbee Switch behavior in ZHA - Need momentary, acts like rocker

Hi all,
I’m new to HA. I’ve recently got a Tuya 2 gang switch module and installed it with a momentary switches.
The thing is, that as long as I click the switch, the light will stay on. it looks like that the module expects constant phase to determine that the switch is flipped on, but as said, it’s a momentary switch.
I didn’t find anywhere in ZHA an option to change the switch type. Tried changing the cluster “tuyaZBExternalSwitchTypeCluster” with no success.
Switch model: TS0002 by _TZ3000_bvrlqyj7
Anyone can help?



Hi! Have same problem, did you find the solution?

I have a bunch of Fibaro (z-wave) in-wall switch modules and they all have a configuration option where you can choose between momentary (push) or switch (static) options. I would guess that either that isn’t supported or you have to change the configuration on the device. :frowning:

Same problem here with a ZIgbee 4 gang relay board. It identifies as Tuya T0004 using quirks: zhaquirks.tuya.ts000x.Switch_4G_GPP

I need them to momentarily close the relays, not latch them.

Many thanks!