Tuya Zigbee temperature and Humidity sensor - WSD500A

Did anyone try this sensor ?

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I did. works fine with SONOFF_Zigbee_3.0_USB_Dongle_Plus_V2 (ZBDongle-E).

Requires no special treatment. Registered at first try.

With ZHA or mqtt?
How frequent does it update?

I tried both. Works fine in either way.

It updates on 60 seconds by default but that can be set, at least with Zigbee2MQTT.


I just received a couple of those, both ordered from the same listing linked above.
One is reporting -7celcius when it should be 25c lol
The other one seems to be ok.

How can I change the update interval on z2m?

I have 4 of them and my issue is that they keep going offline while other devices in the same network are fine.
I don’t see any way to change the update interval and honestly I don’t think it is even possible unless the device exposes a config variable or so for z2m to change the value.

Well the temp and humidity readings seem to have settled now after a few hours and are more realistic.
Problem is I don’t know if they’re accurate or my other broadlink and xiaomi temp and humidity sensors are.

Also, the updates from these sensors seem to be every 30 minutes and I can’t change the interval

I have also bought a few of these sensors. But the only value I get is the link strengh. Nothing else. Am I doing something wrong??

Just to add further information to this thread, I believe the “update interval” is not time based but instead is controlled by the device itself. When no change is measured, no data is sent. When a change in temp/rh is detected, it sends a measurement.

From Tuya:

Upon successful net pairing, the sensor reports its status. It then takes samples of the environment every five minutes. When the ambient temperature exceeds the preset value of the sensor by 0.6°C or the humidity exceeds the preset value by 6%, the sensor will send an alarm to TuyaSmart. Regardless of whether the temperature or humidity exceeds the preset thresholds, data will be synchronized to TuyaSmart every 30 minutes.

More info here:


That is what mine looks like

I have added a WSD500A sensor to my Zigbee setup (Z2M with SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus).

The first thing I encountered was a hughe temp-offset (like 20°C). No big deal.
So now in addition to that, the sensor also has a enormous jitter… as you can see in the screenshot.

Is this a defective device?
Is there anything I can do about it in the settings? (I’m not very eager to play around with signal-filters)