Tuya Zigbee Temperature Humidity Sensor not displaying data

Hello all, brand new to HA here
I have home assistant running with a zigbee conbee II.
I just got this in the post Tuya Wifi/zigbee/bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor With Backlight Thermometer Smart Life Works With Alexa Google Assistant - Smart Remote Control - AliExpress

I was able to connect it to the HA zigbee, but neither of the sensors are working in HA.

The sensors show up under “Diagnostic” but do nothing apart from show these pieces of information.


I’m assuming these are the Temperature and Humidity sensors.

I do not own the Tuya Zigbee hub as that defeats the entire purpose of having home assistant and Conbee II.

Have you tried zigbee2mqtt. It seems more likely to work with tuya s**t. See Switch Zigbee TZE200 TS0601 paired but without entities

What is the actual model on the device is it a TZE200 TS0601? That doesn’t look right as on Blakadder site that is a switch and not a Temp/Humidity sensor.

Also, I’m assuming that you confirmed you were ordering the Zigbee version and didn’t have the WiFi or Bluetooth version selected when you ordered?

Those numbers don’t uniquely identify tuya stuff. You need to take into account the letters after tze200. Very annoying.

@nickrout so well, yes whkgqxse would be the manufacturer code. And I can’t find that it’s listed in either of the databases. I’ll go take a look at the code base for Zigbee2MQTT as I just recently supplied a patched to correctly tag a device that was under the wrong device model. It’s possible that whkgqxse was grouped with the switches and so it’s not recognized correctly.

In fact googling that seems to reveal nothing (except this thread!)

OK, so I took a look at the Zigbee2MQTT code and it does in fact have the device coded, and supported properly.

Looking at the ZHA device handlers it doesn’t appear that your device is supported.

This means that with ZHA you will most likely need to develop a quirk to get it working. Personally, this is sort of why I decided to use Z2M instead of ZHA as there seems to be support for more devices with Z2M, however that is not mutually exclusive as sometimes there are devices that get support in ZHA before Z2M. Anyways, I’m not suggesting you move to Z2M but if a quirk can get created for your device I think you’ll be in business.

Another possibility is ZHA supports modifying the device type. I’m not sure if that might help you out.

Well done, I would have expected google to have picked that up!

Anyway, that was added to Z2M in this commit on 30 April Add JM-TRH-ZGB-V1 (#4175) · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters@8b5b6d5 · GitHub. So it is relatively new. It is however definitely in Z2M addon version 1.27.0-1 which was released in the last 24 hours. Probably some earlier versions too.

@nickrout Google can rarely find results in most GitHub code. I’m pretty sure that GitHub significantly restricts how much Google can actually index. Even GitHub itself doesn’t have all code indexed as they have file size(lines) limits on how much they index. I knew where this code was because I just submitted a PR that is now in the latest release for some Tuya ZigBee devices changes. :wink:

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Well done again - both on finding the code and also making contributions :slight_smile: