Tuya Zigbee Thermostatic valves

I’m looking for somene has experienced with aliexpres zigbee thermostatic valve with Home Assistant.
Has anyone integrade these Tuya Zigbee Thermostatic valves?
Do you suggest it to me?

Probably best to check to see if they are supported by your Zigbee integration.
Database of Zigbee devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZiGate and ioBroker (blakadder.com)

And zigbee2mqtt.io | 📘 Zigbee2mqtt documentation

Aliexpress is not a brand, and I can’t find a model name or manufacturer on that aliexpress page. Tuya is not a manufacturer either. It is a software provider.

these valves are very similar if not the same as the hama linked at bladdaker.com

Hama Smart Radiator Thermostat (00176592) Zigbee compatibility

Then they are compatible with ZHA and my Conbee II key.

my question is who has had experience with these tubes, if they work well, and if they integrate well into HA and if they have disconnection problems.

I have bought even of those and I am trying to integrate it into HA.

They are compatible with zigbbw2MQTT and you can read and set almost all the parameters.
What you can’t do is to program the weekly settings (at least from the UI). Probably you can do with a yaml file but I did not experimented yet.
I saw also that OTA FW update via zigbee2mqtt is not working.
My valves (TS0601 or also cllaed hy369rt( are from moeshouse (www.moeshouse.com) (also can be bought from aliexpress.com)

At the moment I switched to the Tuya smart life app using the moeshouse gateway (from wifi to zigbee) because it can manage very well FW update and weekly programming.
Adding to Home assistant the integration Tuya I can see the temperature and control each valve but I cannot read and write parameters at all.

The valves, in this configuration, does not exposes any sensors or other parameters.

At least I wuld like to see if they are open or closed or the temperature measured.
This is because I want that HA enables a wifi switch to activate the Gas boiler.
Otherwise the valves can do only a clamp on the maximum temp but no raise the temperature on a cold room.

I’ve successful integrated a Tuya-Zigbee Thermostat in the current Zigbee Home Automation Integration (using a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus dongle as host adapter). :smile:

It behaves as “normal climat control” allowing to read and set the temperature.

Setup was relatively strait forward after getting the device to pair mode. :wink:

Default dashboard integration screenshot: