Tuya zigbee USB Powered Motion sensors work with ZHA!

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a Zigbee motion sensor, and it paired fine with ZHA in Home Assistant. You can find the product here: Zigbee Motion Sensor.

I paid $28 AUD for it, but I’ve found much cheaper ones on AliExpress. Here’s a link to a cheaper alternative: Cheaper Zigbee Motion Sensor. Tho its super cheap… it seems the same model but i can’t gaurantee its the same as i got.

Hope this helps anyone looking for budget-friendly Zigbee motion sensors!

they do flash red when they see motion which is annoying. can prob disabled it some how.

white paint on the led?

yeah trying to get the orange bit off to do so - its super tight!

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BUT… If you were doing an escape room, and you put people into a completely dark room with 20 of these things red lights popping on when you move, now that would be good…
Put them up in pairs…

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