TuYa ZY-M100 removing false negatives or false positives. Best settings

I have Tuya ZY-M100-S sensor and is connected to Zigbee2MQTT and tried variety of settings but keep getting false negatives. Basically, when there is nobody in the room, is all good. It never shows that there are people present. But the opposite is not true.

When I am in the room from time to time the sensor goes from HOME (presence) to AWAY (no presence), for a few seconds (even when I am like 1 meter away from it) and then switches back to HOME. The switch is usually just for a couple of seconds like 5-10s.


My settings are as followed:


Detection delay: 0 sec
Fading time: 15 sec
Maximum range: 4.8 meters (the room from corner to corner is 5 meters)
Minimum range: 0 meters
Radar sensitivity: 9 (the highest setting)

I’m having the same issues with these sensors. Every day I have false positives - it goes to ‘Away’ when I’m standing in front of it, or it doesn’t change from Away to Home when I walk into the room.

I’ve been trying all kinds of settings to try to get it reliable to no avail.

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This sensor is no good for some rooms and good for other rooms. I have 3 of those and 1 is working good, 1 is working bad, and 1 is working so so. It depends on the room. Also increase fade time to 40 seconds seems to help for going from HOME to AWAY. Good luck!

I have mine in a room that is 3m x 5m. I have it in the middle of the 5m wall, at about 1.8m high.

Do you ever think that the sensor picks up movement from the other side of the wall it is mounted on?

I have changed my ‘fading time’ to 40 secs as you suggested. I’ll see how that goes.

@clowgg yes, indeed it does for sure 100% pick up presence even from the other side of the wall. I can confirm that as I have tested it extensively.

  1. Try to mount it in the outside walls of your apartment/house, so it does not pick up anything from the other side.
  2. The closer you are, the wider is the radar. The farther you go, the narrower it becomes. So in my experience within 3m is like 180 degree. Within 5 meters is like 90 degree or so.

Would you be so kind to share your configuration please depending of the room (bedroom, living, etc.) If not too much trouble ñ.