TWE alpha q13 pro wi-fi Dehumidifier

Hello all! First to say that I’m new to HA (just set it up and start playing like a couple of days ago).

The first thing I set up is a TWE alpha q13 pro wi-fi Dehumidifier. It’s using the Tuya smart app to control the dehumidifier and show the indoor humidity.

I saw that there is an integration with tuya and HA which is great, but I’m not sure did I miss something because in the HA dashboard I can only turn it ON or OFF and set up the desired Humidity level.

I don’t see the options to change the mode (Manual, Laundry drying, sleeping) or activate the anion option and etc. Also, I cannot see how to show the indoor humidity level.

I there something that I missed or there isn’t any way to show those settings?

just FYI for now, I’m using only raspberry pi 4, but in a couple of days will be adding a zigbee gateway *(ConBee 2) not sure if this will make any difference.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, did you find a way to add more settings?
I’m running into the exact same situation using alpha q13 pro wi-fi Dehumidifier

I was able to do this using local Tuya