Twilio call failed

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can someone helpme I´m trying to setup Twilio calls for an alarm, but I´m failing… I don´t know why.

  account_sid: ACbe41ec6ee5347dd00bc9defc1133d02c
  auth_token: 65c3a213242d175c284ebe38ba3dfff7
# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - name: callwithTwilio
    platform: twilio_call
    from_number: +19294565814

and this is the script:

  alias: TestTwilio
  - data:
      message: The sun has set
      - 12056515837
    service: notify.callwithtwilio

Things that are suspicius… when I create the script, I put the phone number with the + sign but after saving it, it desapear…

I have sms and phone set up via twilio. My phone numbers are mostly in “double quotes”, but ‘single quotes’ also seem the preserver the “+18008887766”

With that said, I just saw that I forgot to quote one of my numbers, which causes the “+” to disappear like you said. But that automation still works.

I have my home alarm running as an automation, not a script, and was able to edit it entirely in UI. I did use raw yaml to replicate the automation for different automations though.

If you are still working on this, try firing the notify.callwithtwilio service from developer tools to see if that is working.

Also, you should probably refresh your with token of the one you posted is real. Now that it has been posted on the internet, it could be used by spammers to send things form your account.