Twingate Addon

A Twingate Home Assistant Addon would be great. It’s offers something that neither a VPN nor Home Assistant Cloud does by acting as a proxy beteeen your resources on your network and clients you want to give access to your network or individual resources. It’s not a VPN, but provides VPN-like features.

Where is the source?

Docker container

Related: I have been looking at Twingate for remote access to Home Assistant.

You probably should vote for your own suggestion :slight_smile:

I want one… twingate can exclude direct port which is great rather then using tailscale or zerotiers

An addon would be great, but I wonder if someone should just try running it in docker on HAOS?

It runs in docker in supervised, I guess it will also work in HAOS.

You need the Advanced SSH & Web Terminal addon with Protection Disabled.

Then just enter the docker command that the docs supply for you :slight_smile:

How about an open source alternative to Twingate called OpenZiti. Like TG, Ziti is focused on being a zero trust overlay network (i.e., VPNs focus on connecting devices, ZT focuses on services. I work on the project and have colleagues who use it with HA:

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