Twinkly Christmas Lights

Would be add christmas lights control in home assistant!

Would also like to see something for these, cant be that hard.

I was managed to capture a few GET and POST request sent from the App to the lights, I can see things like



I can also see this in webrowser:

{“product_name”:“Twinkly”,“product_version”:“2”,“hardware_version”:“6”,“flash_size”:16,“led_type”:6,“led_version”:“1”,“product_code”:“TW175SEUP06”,“device_name”:“Twinkly_245F6E”,“uptime”:“1961279”,“hw_id”:“00245f6e”,“mac”:“a0:20:a6:24:5f:6e”,“max_supported_led”:180,“base_leds_number”:175,“number_of_led”:175,“led_profile”:“RGB”,“frame_rate”:25,“movie_capacity”:719,“copyright”:“LEDWORKS 2017”,“code”:1000}

any update on this? or maybe an alternative from china?

The Christmas season is coming, anyone is interested or made some progress?


no progress and not much from Twinkly, but I did just notice the latest firmware is 2.0.22-mqtt

So how would you go about seeing if this is a mqtt device?

I’ve also just go them working with google assistant, I don’t have a physical good assistant device but using the iOS app. I do have Alexa devices so Ideally would like to work out if a mqtt then us node red to setup an Alexa flow

I emailed Twinkly and asked about integration with Home Assistant. They did not give me an answer to that but referred to Google Assistant as if that was what i asked for. Haha
I really want this to work for this season!

i got an answer.

We anticipate that in 2019 will be released many new features in the context of remote control, such as integration with HomeKit and Amazon Alexa and a public set of APIs to allow Twinkly to connect to their programmable devices!

We take care of our customers (or customers to-be ) so, for the more involved ones we created a beta tester community program.

It would be an pleasure for us if you consider the idea to join the community of our beta testers, receiving preview of app and products. Just subscribe to this list:
and you will be soon contacted by our community manager to know more about the program.

Please someone with some programing skills. Sign up as beta user!

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Great. Maybe @matg can?

sorry, I’ve reached the end of my abilities.

Surprised you even got a reply from Twinkly, there customer support is awful. I email last November when I got my Twinkly lights and got a similar reply, so after 12 months all they have added is google assistant.

Seems like there is an REST API

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That’s API used by the mobile application. And as it is private it can change any time in the future.

I am thinking of getting one. @scrool I see you’ve created a repository on github, have you then managed to set it up in HA? What do you think of the length of the LED rope? I see you have the 105 LED version, is that long enough of would you recommend a bigger (175 or 225) ? I normally buy a 5ft / 1.80m tree…

No, I haven’t even tried to setup it with HA. 105 was so-so. Next time I’d buy longer one.

Thanks mate. Bough the 225 version from kikistars (Hyperlink removed as they appear to be a scam site)

I am also very interested in the integration in HA look forward to further developments

I’m also interested in this, looking at the API even simple on and off would be great to save me having to use smart plugs like last year.

I have also been very interested in this and started to get annoyed with how slow the app was to load.

I managed to get the on/off functionality working with a command_line switch along with a python script. I am planning on creating an official component for hass, but am not sure when I will get around to it.

If anyone is interested I can post the script along with a guide on how to get it set up!


That would be awesome

yes please can you post it?


That would be great :slight_smile: