Two circles shown on map for "Home"

The map in Home Assistant is showing two cycles for “home”. There are also two names assigned for this location, obviously, since there are two zones…

I have assigned the zone “Hjemme” (Home in Norwegian) in zones.yaml,


#This will override the default home zone
- name: 'Hjemme'
  latitude: !secret latitude_hjemme
  longitude: !secret longitude_hjemme
  radius: 5
  icon: mdi:home

and noticed in the documentation this would override the default home zone - which I believe is the coordinates put in top of the configuration.yaml file

  name: Hjemme
  latitude: !secret latitude_hjemme
  longitude: !secret longitude_hjemme
  elevation: !secret elevation_hjemme

Still I get two defined names for “Hjemme” (Home)


How is this?
I would like one definition for “Home” name: Hjemme and still be able to detect preteens for all iphones through the Home Assistant iOS app.

I think it only overrides the default home zone if the zone is actually called Home. In english… :wink:

So you think it always will provide a place called home even if it´s been localized?

That’s what is written in the docs

And this what in the docs about the two circles:

To override this, create a zone configuration and name it ‘Home’ .