Two Dark Sky sensorns not showing


I am using dark sky and now I se that two sensor from the config is not longer showing, it is temperature_low and temperature_high that’s not working any more. The other sensors works fine

  - platform: darksky
    api_key: !secret darksky
    language: sv
      minutes: 10
      - summary
      - hourly_summary
      - temperature_low
      - temperature_high

Any clue on what can be wrong?

same here :frowning:

They changed monitored_conditions:

to what did they change it?

Check the docs - those sensors changed months ago…

well I checked the docs… since I added the Darksky Sensor like 14 days ago…
The 2 sensors just don’t show up.
But they are listed in the docs as:

  • temperature_high
  • temperature_low

… actually scratch that! They are valid! Mine seem to work.

You do need to have a forecast days set

  - 0

And you will have
- sensor.dark_sky_daytime_high_temperature_0d
- sensor.dark_sky_overnight_low_temperature_0d

Sensors created…

well they are not working on mine…nor on some other people’s config apparently…

I will try how you have implemented it above.

See my edit…

I will try this.
I did not have a forcast set

Yeah I think it’s the reason… if you don’t set a forecast you don’t get one…

Thanks for the info!

Glad I could help… sorry about first response…

Hi David,

No worries!
Thanks for the input!


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