Two different "Alexa Media Player" Integrations?

I’ve been using the Alexa Media Player HACS addon for a while now. I noticed recently I now have a second Alexa Media Player Integration now with the same name. The first integration has 7 devices only. The second integration has 8 devices with 41 entities. The one with 8 devices has an extra device called xxxxxxxxxsim_BETA showing as UNAVAILABLE.

Is this by design; or, is there something messed up? If this isn’t normal, which integration do I delete? Also, what do I do with the oddball device called, xxxxxxxxxsim_BETA showing as UNAVAILABLE.?


Thanks in advance

If this is a HACS integration then it is from outside HA. You should probably post an issue on the author’s github page.

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I believe the HACS integration moved into HA integrations after the 3.0 update.

I deleted the entry that showed no entities, then rebooted.

Had same, removed all the info, removed the integration. reboot HA, reinstall integration, add info and everything was ok again

Thanks. I just removed both Integrations and rebooted. It’s all good now.