Two Ev's with one charger identification idea help

I’m looking for ideas , short of buying a second charger, of how to identify which car is charging and when. Ideas so far are,

  1. My first idea was to change the charging current on a car to identify which is which but I’m unable t o change the current on either.

  2. I was thinking of making an RFID tag that has to be scanned in order to identify and engage the charger. This one is sounding promising with a low WAF score.

  3. My current idea is using esphome and a d1mini to install a reed switch next to the charge port and put a magnate on one of the cars.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

It might be possible to put a BLE beacon in each vehicle and use a RSSI sensor in esphome to know which vehicle is closest to the ESP32 (higher signal strength). If your vehicles have built-in Bluetooth, you may even detect their MAC without the need for a separate beacon, perhaps someone who has tried this would know for sure.