Two Homes, Nabu Casa, Mobile Companion, and Google to make it all work?

I’m trying to configure two homes, each with their own HAS, to both feed to the same mobile companion app and Google Assistant/Google Home.

I first pointed both servers at the same Nabu Casa account. That gave me Google Assistant integration for both homes, but the Mobile app while showing both servers in the configuration would only display one server when I tried to switch between. Both configurations were using the same Nabu Casa public URL.

So after reading through a number of postings, it sounds like you have to have separate Nabu Casa accounts per home/server. So I set that up, and now I get both homes visible in the Mobile App but I can only get one home in Google Assistant/Home since I can only use a single login (and of course it’s locked into the home I’m less concerned about having Google Home access to).

Any guidance on any way to actually make this work would be greatly appreciated.

I do not know how this plays together with Google Assistant, but take a look.

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Thanks @WallyR. I had seen that plugin when I first started researching, but my preference is to keep the two homes isolated in HAS/Companion App. Good news was I did find the “Forget Devices” option in Nabu Casa so was able to swap the account/home that is connected to Google

You got it to work, then the method is less important. :smiley:

Hi Ron, welcome to the forum!

Does that mean that your question is solved?
If not, what about connecting the 2 networks over VPN to eachother?
TBH: I don’t know how this would work out for your other requirements.

@Nick4 No, that was just figuring out how to switch my Google Assistant/Home from one Nabu Casa account to the other.

I’m currently testing using DuckDNS with one home and then tying both homes back to the original account for Google Assistant/Home to see if that works…still setting up / testing…

Chances are you won’t be able to get this to work the way you’re expecting it to (both home’s devices in a single GH account). The remote HA route is probably going to be your best option there. You’ll still be able to manage both instances through the Companion app, but one would be the master with devices from both instances and that’s the one that would feed into Google Home.

I have alexa in one house triggering through webhooks to other house. Also use remote HA to get to remote house directly in HA.

Thanks @code-in-progress but that was what I stumbled into working with my initial setup were I connected both homes/servers to the same Nabu Casa account. It would only direct time to the first home registered from the companion app, but both homes were working through a single Google Assistant - HA Integration. Maybe it was just a matter of time before it fails but it ran that way solid for the last few days until I started trying to solve the Companion access problem.

Retesting this now, since using DuckDNS on the 2nd home is working for Companion access. Will report back

EDIT: Looks like either I got lucky the first time around or didn’t realize it had switched between homes, but this time I set Google Assistant/Home on the 1st home and configured all the device locations. Then when I added in the 2nd home it disconnected all the devices in the 1st home and connected all the devices from the 2nd home…back to the drawing board…May have to go back to using Smart-NORA in Node-Red for Google Home (just migrated off that when I setup the new system)

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So here is what I ended up doing for lack of finding any better approach:

For House #1:

  • Connected to Nabu Casa since I’m behind my ISP’s firewall and can’t open up any ports (yet) to provide remote access URL for the Companion app and integration with Google Assistant/Home through the Home Assistant plugin.

For House#2:

  • Setup DuckDNS to provide me remote access URL for the Companion app
  • Installed Smatt NORA to setup Google Assistant device integrations through Node-Red (I am already using Node-Red for my automations)

If I’m able to get a firewall port opened up on House#1, I’ll likely migrate to the same solution as House#2 to keep the two system configued similarly. Would love to support Nabu Casa but they need to meet the many requests I’ve seen in the forums to support multiple HA servers in a single instance (even if they charge per server, I wouldn’t care) to simplify the Companion App access and integrated Google Assistant/Home across multiple homes.

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