Two Hue bridges - hue scene scripts inside HA stopped working

I just added my second Philips Hue bridge through discovery and everything works, except calling the Hue scenes from the first bridge. I made some scripts to convert the Hue scenes for Apple Homekit, but they no longer work. Is there a way to let Home Assistant know which bridge it should use?

Calling a scene looks like this:

    - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
        group_name: "Livingroom"
        scene_name: "Livingroom White"

And it no longer works after I added the second bridge.

Ok I found a solution in my case:
I only use scenes from bridge 1, but it seemed like it only could find scenes from bridge 2 after pairing it.
So I deleted the first Hue bridge and repaired bridge 1 with Home Assistant, and now all scenes from bridge 1 are working again. This probably won’t work if you use scenes from both bridges though. Hopefully this gets fixed in future updates.

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