Two identical ZWAVE devices different result

I added a NeoCoolcam PIR a few weeks ago, renamed the node and some sensors and I ended up with:

node_id: 20
node_name: Hallway PIR
product_name: Battery Powered PIR Sensor
query_stage: CacheLoad

I just added an identical device that arrived this week and:

node_id: 22
node_name: Neo CoolCam Unknown: type=0003, id=108d
product_name: Unknown: type=0003, id=108d
query_stage: Dynamic

I cant seem to get a rename to take any suggestions?

Take a look at the entries in your zwcfg…xml file for these two devices. It looks like the second one is different (newer) and has a different i.d.

If that is the case, you can stop HA and edit the zwcfg file to update the missing entries, then restart HA.

That fixed it thanks…had to hunt down the files in Docker image…


there is a manufacturer xml file that I edited to add the new id.