Two installation of HA on separate networks. Companion blocks when moved between the two

So this is my use-case: I manage two houses with HA. One house is on and HA is on Second house is on and HA is on

When I fresh install HA Companion (on Android) on the first network everything went fine. When I moved to the second HA Companion started complaining it couldn’t find the IP of the previous HA!! No way to get out … Tryed to reinstall … didn’t work. Somewhere it was saving the configuration data and they were not cancelled during the cancellation of the App. I managed to survive doing a VPN to the first network and from there cancel the login. Without the login active the process of searching a HA server started again and I was able to connect to the new HA.
Now I’m back to Home and I’m stuck again !!! But I don’t have a VPN to the other house!! So dead in water !!
QUESTION: where is the configuration file ? can we cancel it ?
BUG : if the companion doesn’t find the server (ERR_CONNNECTION_TIMED_OUT) it should reissue the first connection process.
IMPROVEMENT: having multiple HA server configured in the App it would be great. Most of us have a Development/Test instance of HA different from the Production version. Or have to manage multiple instances of HA in different locations
Tks and compliment for the great product you have done!

UPDATE: I manage to find a work-around. On the Android phone I went under configuration / apps and locate HA App and cancelled all the data. That cleaned up all the data and I could reconfigure the connection .