Two instances of HASSIO in same LAN

Which are the problems you envision in having two instances?

Duplicated events if they are copies of each other… that is my initial thought.

Possible cross-talk or interference in controlling devices as well.

Here is are some old threads about it:

There used to be some documentation but I could not find it.

So far (1 hour) it works perfectly fine. None of the problems above.

One instance on a pi3: HASSIO with letsencrypt and duckdns
Second instance on a NUC: HASSIO only local

I don’t know how to do 2 letsencrypt/duckdns in same LAN
Other difference is Zwave which I have only in the pi3 because I have only one zwave stick, but on both I have lots of WiFI devices and zigbee (Hue and xiaomi)

An old post, but for me a new question :slight_smile:

How do you connect to both Hassio’s; HASSIO_IP1:8123 and HASSIO_IP2:8123?

Seems to me that connecting using hassio.local:8123 will connect to only one…?