Two iPhones behaving differently for presence

My wife and I both have iPhones. I’ve installed the HASS iOS app and owntracks on both. However for some reason my wife’s phone tends to show ‘Away’ a lot more than mine does. We’re both currently at home (and have been for some hours) and this is what I see:

It’s like her GPS behaves differently to mine. Her’s is a 7 and mine is an 8. I think the apps on both are all set to always use location. Just seems very strange.

Luckily nmap saves the day and reports her as here!

I don’t use apple products personally (not an ethical thing, but this issue is kinda my main problem with apple)

My other half and her daughter though, are staunch iPhone users.

We have the exact problem you’re having, so I hope somebody will come along and give you a clue. I’ve double checked a shed load of settings on both devices and I can’t work out the discrepancies, if there even is one. My other half’s phone is far more accurate than her daughters, they’ve both been home since about 6pm, and little miss teenage crisis is still showing as away (it’s just gone midnight here).

For a platform that’s supposed to ‘just work’, it’s not really very good at ‘just working’, and then because it’s supposed to ‘just work’ there’s not a lot you can do to tweak things.

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My wife has a 5 and I have a 6 (We like apple, but are cheap bastards about upgrading). They both behave roughly the same location abilities; shitty.

What are the sizes of your zones? To make mine both work well, I had to make my zone radius 500 for all zones. This works pretty well. Currently, my icon on my map is beyond 200 away from where I actually am but I fall within the 500m radius I set for the zone, so it reports correctly. 1 out of every 10 days for either of our devices, we won’t show up inside one of the zones.

The other thing to check is ‘low power mode’ under battery. If you have that set, its going to poll the location less.

I’ve had the same issue an can’t figure out why. For me, my wife’s iPhone was added second and has this issue. Mine was added first and works about 90% of the time.