Two notifications from app at once, one is ignored

I activated the sensor for last notifications in the Android companion and it works great. I use it to track the notifications of a single app (Bosch Home Connect).
Most of the notifications are working fine, but sometimes the app sends two notifications at once. e.g. washing machine is finished and washing powder needs a refill. Home Assistant only gets one of the notifications and ignores the other. Thats bad, if an automation is tied to a special notification text.
Both notifications show up in the notification bar on Android and in the notification history (with the same timestamp) in the settings. According to the history, Home Assistant ignores the first notification.
Is there anything I can to fix that and get both notifications?

in that sensor you cant get the data when both notifications are pushed at the same time due to

however you can enable the Active Notification sensor which contains attributes for all currently active notifications on the device. That will give you the data you are looking for.

Ah, thank you very much for the info. Last notification is easier to use but well… thats still sounds like a great work around!

I guess the best way would be to save the currently active notifications of the Bosch app with a helper and then check if the specific text I am looking for is present there.

Thanks again!