Two or three cheap(er) vacuums versus one expensive vacuum

I have a place I want to run mopping vacuums.

I was thinking, some of the top of the line mopping vacuums are very expensive (e.g., Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra for $1.8K). I can purchase three other ones (e.g., Roborock Q7 Max+).

Has anyone been able to “share work” with multiple inexpensive vacuums on a single floor?

I was thinking Valetudo might have some solution, but first I was going to check here.

Splitting the workload would shorten the run times, and I can start with one, and add on as necessary.

(The solution cannot rely, even initiate in the cloud. It must start local.)

I have a roborock s5max with valetudo on it. AFAIK, there’s nothing there that really supports this. My vac (after replacing the battery last year) still cleans pretty quickly doing both vacuum and mopping.

How big of an area are you planning on cleaning? My house is 1150 sq ft (so pretty small), but even cleaning around 800 sq ft, my vacuum usually has around 50% battery life left when it returns to its dock.

About 1,800ft^2/167m^2.

I appreciate the feedback.

Maybe it can be accomplished by fencing off areas.

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Or virtual no-go zones.

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