Two routers as device trackers

Hello. I have two separate places, which I configured as zones. There are two Zyxel Keenetic routers on each place connected by IPSEC tunnel with each other, so all my devices in both places have network access to each other. One router now configured as device tracker and works well. Is there any way to make another Keenetic to detect the connected devices in the zone other than Home? Or the only way is to use other tracking services?

Same situation - one router on Tomato, second as repeater (WISP mode, so one tracker not variant) on Padavan.
Using twice in configuration.yaml:


  • platform: tomato


  • platform: asuswrt

It’s works, but not sure that it’s right solution. And some errors in log about dublication device tracker…

As far as I review the code, router and other DeviceScanner platforms are considered the one and only device in whole system, installed in Home zone, and nothing can be done with it. Due to this, the real location definition is done only for GPS Tracker device type. I’m going to try pass the zone name to device properties, in platfrom init routines, if possible…

Not only :slight_smile: In my case I have different firmwares, so extended parametr “scanner” showing for me were device by naming type of scanner (in my case it TomatoDeviceScanner & AsuswrtDeviceScanner).

But in my case I got another problem - in Padavan’s firmware device can be listed with leased ip unlimited (or uncontrolled?) time. So, when device gone in reality but was some time in zone with router on Padavan, device_tracking thinks that device at home. Also, it’s problem of Padavan’s firmware - not hass.

So, if we can got zone and display it - with that bug (I thinks it can be in many firmwares - question in timeout for clear listed devices) - how device tracker decide in wich zone device, if both routers reports that “it here!” :smiley:

Without that bug in yours firmwares you can truly know in witch zone yours device by parsing scanner.
In your case - with same firmwares and routers, theoretically you can doublicate code of scanner with another name, than made device tracker config like:

platform: tomato

platform: tomatodouble

then parse scanner and made derivative sensor for device with device: zone1/2 :wink: