Two sensors measuring PM2.5 treats as different types

I have Xiaomi Purifier and HA collects measurements of its PM2.5 sensor. Values are presented in µg/m³.

I also set scrape to collect PM2.5 measurements in my city. it is also presented in µg/m³. I’ve set

Value Template: {{ value | float }}
Device Class: pm25
State Class: measurement
Unit of Measurement: μg/m3

But, in History, when I add these two entities they are treated as different types of sensors, shown in separate graphs.

I cannot find how to check what are Device Class and State Class for Xiaomi entity.

Is there way I can tell HA to show these at the same graph, like it does with temperature and humidity sensors of various devices?

It is because of different units, right? µg/m³ vs µg/m3, or this is just a typo?

I guess µg/m³ or μg/m3 is just matter of presentation.

They are unit of values and if they are actually different (according to your initial post, they are), you cannot represent them in one graph.

Or with longer time frame, and multiple entities (as long as they share the same unit_of_measurement) in one graph

You are right.

As I did not know how to type in µg/m³ i just copied it from here and pasted. And indeed, now both sensors are on the same graph.

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