Two-tariff electricity utility meter without crutches

We really need a version of a two-tariff electricity meter that will be implemented without crutches and so that it can be applied both to the main input to the house and to sockets and consumers inside.
Now it is implemented very crookedly and incomprehensibly. I really hope for a convenient implementation through the UI.

You can do this now. I have two tariffs:

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 17-40-18 Settings – Home Assistant

Each has their own pricing defined.

This is the crutch I’m talking about

What crutch?

You aren’t going to get much simpler than selecting two entities via a graphical user interface.

The crutch is at least in an additional automation script. And also that every internal consumer also needs to set up an secondary object.
Why not do this all automated and based on entry into the house and without additional scripts of automation.
Here I am about.

So you want an AI to guess when your tariffs change?

The field where I can click the checkbox that I have a two-tariff meter and enter the price and time for each tariff. And that’s it.


That is a much better explanation of your feature request than your first post.

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Thanks for the leading questions. It’s not my strong point :slight_smile:

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I have this solved like this:
I have an input_number.electricity_price which I have set as entity for the electricity price.
Then I have an automation, which changes the input_number (price) according to a time-pattern, when the night tarif starts/ends. I have also an input_boolean which is “on” when the high tariff is active, so I can do other automations around that (ex. run the pool pump only when the night/low-tariff is active)

Yeah that’s the way Anton (and I) are doing it. Anton’s request is to add time fields to the energy dashboard so we don’t have to use an automation.

That’s a good idea but i will like to add also the ability to change the tariff by day of the week.
Here, for istance, we have the “night” tariiff for the entire non-business day.

And that’s the issue.

There are so many different ways power companies charge different rates for energy (time, season, date, excess use etc…) that Home Assistant could not possibly cover them all. So it is left up to the user to automate the rate change.

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the least start from 2 tariff, rest can be solved with automation.

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Well technically if you’re in the US, there’s an OpenEI integration that’ll update the cost sensor based on the utility’s plan rates. :wink:


Not everyone lives in the US. In fact only 4.5% of the people in the world do. So again, not a one size fits all solution.

Yes, I am aware, but figured I’d post it just in case anyone one in the US was looking.

Agreed. Check out how complex mine is with AGLs demand tariff Tom. Obviously i’m doing more than just the energy dashboard there but it’s potentially 5 (or 6) different usage periods plus supply. Laughable