Two ways notification platforms

Some notification platforms (XMPP, Telegram…) are sending messages through IM platforms. It feels tempting to answer to the notifications.

The use case I have currently is the following: I send notifications via XMPP if I’m at work, from 16:30 to 20:00, every time a bus is 10 minutes away. Sometimes (like today), I go to work by car, or I know I won’t leave until later. Disabling the notifications for a while, turning a switch on/off… directly from XMPP would be awesome.

Have an Android device? You could probably accomplish this with the HTML5 notification platform.

Or you could bypass entirely and set up a IFTTT with maker channel to toggle an input boolean on or off and then have your notifications test for the boolean to be on before a message is sent.

I receive the XMPP messages on multiple devices. While I’m at the office, I’m mostly using the default IM client on my Mac (I don’t know how it’s called, Messages?)

I already have an input boolean to disable the notifications. What I would like to see is a way to interact with this input boolean from XMPP.

I had to look this up because I didn’t know that Jabber was XMPP. :smile:

I don’t use this but if it allows you to embed links like HTML5 does, you may be able to interact with it.

Oh right! That’s a simple yet awesome idea :slight_smile: Thanks!

If you get it to work, please share it as I’m sure there are others who will benefit. And if you don’t I’ll help where I can.

I’ll sure do.