Two Z-Wave sticks with one HASS Raspberry


I wonder if it is possible to use 2 USB sticks with different frequencies with HASS? One for RU frequency, another for EU frequency. I saw the same question asked about US and EU frequencies, but there is still no answer.

And I think this is an important issue. I would love to use our local RU frequency, but I also don’t want to limit myself to only using RU devices.

Now I see that an alternative to that would be using USB stick with Raspberry, and later if I need EU devices - I could probably use some hub? But that would cost much more than just 2 USB sticks.

Any thoughts? Is it possible to configure HASS to work with 2 ZWave USB Sticks?


You might want to try asking that question with the openzwave developers. Here is the Google Groups link!forum/openzwave and in addition to that you could try the developer chast available from the website.

So, You mean that there are restrictions on z-stick APIs side? Not on HASS side?

I have no idea. Since HASS supports multiple interfaces, it might be possible but if openzwave can’t support two zwave sticks then the HASS question is moot. I just suggested start at the source and work out.