Tyring to add a razberry-board

Hi All,
Is there a version somewhere of this page: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/z-wave/device-specific/#razberry-board that matches with this version of HA: 4.16 ?
Nothing on that page seems useful on 4.16 for adding that board.
I built the SD image from hassos_rpi3-64-4.16.img.gz


I am not sure if the Razberry works with HassOS. Anyone correct me if I am wrong, as I had no success with it.
Though, it works if you install Rasöbian, where you can disable bluetooth, and then install Home Assistant with docker or in virtual environment. But you will not get the same plug-and-play feeling, and there is more fiddling customizing the system.

If we know how to disable bluetooth with HassOS, it would be great though!

Thanks for the info. Shame, with the razberry board it’s a nice tight package

Yep, really nice to fit on the Raspberry, and it works well for the small network I have.
But it works if you install Homeassistant on Raspbian.
The negative here is it requires you to be familiar with Linux and system-maintenance.

It is not impossible if you have patience.