_TZ3000_gvn91tmx plug electrical measurements (power and current) don't update properly

I have a few plugs from AliExpress (Aubess 20A). They are on the list of ZHA reported devices as “working” and it does “work”. But the sensors for power and current are not updated… sometimes they show power consumption after a while I turn it on, but when I turn if off it does not update.

I’ve seen discussions about some plugs that require “polling” but I couldn’t understand how it works, or what I’d have to do.
On the device info I can see it’s using a ZHA quirk:


Any info on these devices? It’s a bit annoying not being able to see the actual data. Note that the accumulated consumption (kwh) is updated.


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It seems I posted this request two early… it is in fact updating the electrical measurements, but it seems to update them each ~5m… not very practical when we want to quickly visual inspect the values.
Would be nice to know if this is configurable.