_TZE200_b6wax7g0 local temperature is not immediatly updated after calibration change


I am using ZHA with the ts0601_trv_beca.py quirk.
Everything is working fine except for one thing.

When I change the temperature calibration of the device, the local temperature is not updated accordingly.
it takes a realy long time for the change to appear in HA.

Here are a few things I noted:

  • The problem is not present on a Avatto ME167 TRV using the ts0601_trv_me167.py.
  • Before switching to ZHA, I was using zigbee2mqtt and the issue was not present. For this reason, I do not think this is a device limitation.
  • I tried modifying the reporting frequency using zha_toolkit command but that did not change anything.
  • After the calibration change, I see that the local temperature is correctly updated on the device itself.

Any idea on how to fix this?


  • HA image with
    • Core 2023.11.2
    • Supervisor 2023.11.3
    • Operating System 11.1
    • UX 20231030.2
  • Zigbee coordinator based on efr32mg21
  • hardware : Raspberry Pi 3