U by Moen Shower Control Setup

I recently installed a U by Moen shower control system in our master bath. I was able to configure it originally through the U by Moen app, but somewhere along the way the configuration was erased (not by me). Since then I have tried to reinstall it using the U by Moen app, but it automatically defaults to using Apple Homekit and I don’t have the ability to use the Moen app and establish the proper icons on the actual controller unit for our different shower functions (main, rain, body, and handheld). I also can’t set up temperature personalization for me and my wife. Does anyone know how to work around the Homekit default so I can use the Moen app first?

Although this is a few months old, I too have a U By Moen shower, and had wondered the same thing. And then I came up with a handy work around: Google Home. Google already allows control over many of these functions, so I simply setup buttons to do Google queries/“automations” to each aspect. For my bathroom wall tablet, I basically set pre-setup showers with this, which lets Google adjust both the shower preset, while also controlling the lighting in the room/shower.

I’ve been looking every few months to see if anyone created any sort of integration for it, but it looks like no one has yet unfortunately.